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Why us
Why choose Zoom Services for Brisbane Cleaning?
Read what our clients say in testimonials for our office cleaning Brisbane service.

Plus look at the following compelling reasons to choose Zoom Services as your Brisbane Office Cleaner.

100% Money Back Guarantee
Unlike other cleaners who may start well, but then let standards slip, Zoom Services is a consistent quality assured cleaner. We operate by document and back up our service with a 100% guarantee.
Quality Assured Cleaning Services
Zoom Services is the Brisbane home of Quality Assured Cleaning Services. We clean offices, licensed premises, clubs, training and educational facilities.
Cleaning Needs Analysis
Our service starts with a detailed Cleaning Needs Analysis meeting. We then prepare a schedule of the cleaning work based on your priorities and frequency of cleaning. This document becomes the basis of our quote and our documented guarantee of performance.
Triple Security Checked Staff
We have triple security checked staff who diligently follow our documented standards for thoroughness and completeness of cleaning. We thoroughly train our staff to ensure high standards of presentation and communication.
Chemical Free Cleaning- with Microfibres.
Microfibres are tiny synthetic fibres about 100 times finer than a human hair. Microfibre cleaning products are typically made from polyester and polyamide- a nylon by-product. The polyester does the scrubbing and the polyamide gives the cloths their great absorbency. They typically absorb up to seven times their weight.

It’s mainly the shape of the fibres that gives them their unique cleaning ability. Shaped like little wedges the fibres help lift dirt from the surface and trap it within the cloth.

Integrated Hygiene Services
No one beats us in the bathroom. Ask about our FREE corporate washroom hygiene solutions. We supply and service Sani-bins, Foam Soap Dispensers, plus air fresheners and more.
We’re Green- Help save the planet!
Zoom Services is committed to non chemical cleaning solutions that promote healthier workplaces and contribute to less contamination of our environment. Specifically Zoom Services acts to:
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals used in each cleaning process
  • Use less water than traditional cleaning methods
  • Reduce water pollution
  • Reduce wasteful packaging
  • Save the customer time and money
  • Give future generations a healthier planet