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Cleaning Contracts Brisbane
Demand an ironclad guarantee on the quality of cleaning
Let’s not kid ourselves about whose responsibility it is to do a good job of the cleaning.

To state the obvious, it’s the responsibility of your cleaning contracts brisbane company.

When a customer complains about the cleaning, there are many ways available to do the WRONG thing for the cleaning company… and only one way to do it right, of course.

The right way for the cleaning contracts brisbane company is to correct the mistake, to do it politely and expediently… and perhaps even apologise for making it… and then find the cause of the mistake in their own organisation and do something to ensure it won’t keep recurring.

That would make sense, wouldn’t it?

Yet many choose the wrong way.

The wrong attitude toward the customer

It’s unfortunate that within the cleaning industry there are many cleaning companies who consider their customers as opposition when it comes to fulfilling the customer’s wishes.

Nowhere is this more evident than in how some cleaning companies react to complaints.

These include such things as…
  • Disputing the validity of the customer’s complaint and argue about it endlessly (and thus avoid doing anything about it since it’s still “being negotiated…”)
  • Claiming that they’re only selling a specified number of service hours so that this complaint is not based on the actual contract since the designated hours have been spent on the cleaning site…
  • Agreeing with the complaint and then doing nothing about it (hoping the customer just forgets about it or gives up…)
  • Correcting the mistake itself but not bothering retraining the cleaners (in this and all his / her other cleaning sites) so that the same mistake wouldn’t recur over again…
  • Claiming it’s not a mistake at all but something outside the contract that they did as a bonus for a while but now had to quit
  • When you choose our cleaning contracts brisbane company we refund you if you are not happy!