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How to evaluate the standard of cleaning on daily basis
Your Quality Assured Contract Cleaning Service is a brand-new service of which you probably don’t have any previous experience.

This cleaning cannot be appraised the same way as any other office cleaners.

The allocation of service hours based on your priorities — and done in order to economise the cleaning expense — means that some areas are ABOVE the previous cleaning standards… but it also means that some areas might well be BELOW what you’ve become accustomed to.

The basic system of evaluating the standard of cleaning on daily basis involves using your tailored Checklist for Monitoring the Cleaning Work.

This is basically the itemized Work Order listing each individual area of your premises by its priority classification and the principal cleaning care that should be performed in this area.

To check that the cleaning has been done according to the contract, please choose randomly one or more areas out of each priority classification and go over to the area to verify that…

-it has been cleaned according to the cleaning methods specified in this checklist (which is a copy of the Work Order attached to the cleaning contract), and

– the end result is within acceptable range when compared to what this checklist states that it should be.

Alternate the areas you spot-check and, at your convenience, check the WHOLE cleaning site at least quarterly every year.

If you find cause for complaint, please use the Complaint Form to inform us about it immediately.

The three-tier priority classification of spaces of the cleaning site sets certain limitations to what quality of cleaning you can expect in each of the designated areas from your office cleaners.

In the Quality Assured Contract Cleaning Service, the spaces within the cleaning site are classified into three categories, based on the degree and continuousness of cleanliness each space is to be maintained at, as specified by their importance to you.