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Commercial Cleaning Brisbane
How complaints are handled
We ask for your help professionally in ensuring the data regarding any complaints gets sent to us quickly and in as detailed form as possible.

This way you’ll help us fix the root of the problem or, if that’s not successful at the first or second attempts, give us invaluable information for a future solution for commercial cleaning Brisbane.

Basically, we consider you as the ultimate authority on the quality of our cleaning. Your views on this matter will be extremely valuable both in terms of the good and the bad.

Knowing what we do well and knowing why it’s good for the customer is equally valuable information for us in determining the ideal cleaning service for you and your premises.

Thus, we would be very glad if you could also let us know when things are going well, not only when there’s cause for a complaint.

This is also what the Executive Weekly Cleaning Evaluation Form (the cleaning evaluation we ask of you on weekly basis) is for.

If we may, we would like to point out that the contract states that YOUR view of the complaint is final.

You are a valued customer and we’ve done all we can to give you both freedom and power to use your Quality Assured commercial cleaning brisbaneService without any barriers or stops.

We aim at providing a service that’s exceptionally good in quality and pleasant to use, thus motivating you to remain as customer for a good long time, as we only aim for long term customers.

In any cooperation, both parties must do their part to ensure a good flow of production and pleasant working atmosphere.

you already have our full commitment to receive, accept, and HANDLE complaints as a top priority or refunding you for it.