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Commercial Cleaning Companies Brisbane
How to demand improvements from commercial cleaning companies Brisbane
The three points discussed in this chapter — independent taking care of business, continuity of cleanliness, and actively finding out what the customer likes / dislikes about the cleaning — are the main issues in what makes for good cleaning.

There are a few additional issues such as handling complaints, ensuring you receive the rights that a customer should, and obtaining an ironclad guarantee on the quality of cleaning (and its maintenance throughout the contract period), but these will be discussed in separate chapters further down this manual.

The first thing to do when you’re not satisfied with your cleaning is to DEFINE what’s wrong and specify what improvements you want.

Don’t settle for words. A lick and a promise simply won’t do any longer. You want clearly visible improvements, changes that can be proven in the physical universe… a far cry from promises

Explain what you want and tell them to show you in writing how they’re going to deliver it.

That’s the only way to get what you want.
So, if you’re not satisfied with the cleaning, demand improvements and don’t settle for any substitutes for those positive changes.

If your current commercial cleaning companies brisbane can’t or won’t deliver then the way to obtain those improvements is to change cleaners and give the new bidders written instructions on what you want. Just remember to demand that they include them into their quotes AND contracts!

Personally I believe that it’s possible to do SOMETHING to improve the quality of commercial cleaning companies Brisbane simply by reallocating service hours through prioritizing areas within your premises. And it’s always possible to be more effective, fill the service hours with a bit more work.

But it maybe that your cleaning company has given an extremely tight quote and thus there’s no way they could increase their service without getting more money.