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Office Cleaning Brisbane
Cleaning industry practices have created a bad image
We recognize the unfortunate fact that today, many office cleaning brisbanecompanies promise more than they deliver.

Competition has brought along some unwanted side-effects, of which one is that it’s customary to price quotes TOO low in the hope of winning the bidding competition for the cleaning site.

This then leads to skimping in the service hours and surface-material maintenance allotted for the cleaning site in the quote… which brings about insufficient cleaning service that has no hope of ever fulfilling the customer’s expectations.

This phenomenon of “competing with price only by omitting service hours needed for the site” cannot but influence the price-awareness of customers on the cost of cleaning.

The customer shows the premises to the cleaning company for the quote and then justifiably expects that the quoted cost & service will produce relatively continuous cleanliness at the anticipated standard.

But since the quote was “made competitive” by skimping on the service it includes, the customer will inevitably face disappointment once the chosen cleaning company has been on the site for a while.

At first, they will do their best to do extra to make a good first impression… but, soon enough, the financial realities of the tight quote will catch up with them and the standard of cleaning drops inevitably.

NOT receiving what they rightfully expected, customers are then obviously disappointed, which then further deflates the value of cleaning, lowering the customers’ price-awareness again.

We have developed a quality assured contract cleaning service for office cleaning Brisbane that’s specifically designed to meet your needs with a value for money service

Thus, we respectfully request you work with us to create the right standards unique to you and your company.