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Cleaning Services Brisbane
Starting a new with “old-fashioned” work ethics
The aim of our Quality Assured Contract Cleaning Service is to take it all back to square one, and go back to the good “old-fashioned” values of cleaning work where the emphasis is on doing what is needed to produce continuousness of cleanliness at the standard desired by the customer for cleaning services Brisbane.

And it’s also to do this WHILE saving the customer’s costs by regulating the frequency and quality of depth of cleaning depth based on the prioritisation decided by the customer.

In other words, we take great care of areas which are important to you and save on areas whose importance in terms of presentation and quality/frequency of use is secondary, as specified by you alone.

Your Quality Assured Contract Cleaning Service aims to provide an intelligent service in which we together plan & allocate the service hours based on the importance of the different areas within your premises.

The prioritizing of areas into three categories makes the allocated funds for the cleaning go as far as possible while producing cleanliness that concentrates on those areas which are important for you, the customer.

But to secure the best out of your Quality Assured cleaning services Brisbane Contract Cleaning Service, we’ll need to agree in practice what is what.

An In-depth mapping of your needs and wishes, and regardless of how inch-perfect the measuring of your premises and the requirements of its surface materials, we are still somewhat in the dark as to what exactly is required to produce the level of cleanliness you want.

This is something that can be known accurately only once we’ve cleaned your premises for a few weeks and come across all the challenges it provides for delivering a high-quality cleaning service.

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