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Commercial Cleaning Company Brisbane
Understanding cleaning work and cleaners
In order to obtain the best out of any commercial cleaning company Brisbane service, it is useful to understand a few basic things about cleaning work and cleaners in general.

this has NO intention of taking away anything from your inalienable rights as the customer. But this information may actually help you to get RID of quite a lot of problems that most facility managers have in their job… so please have patience and read through this introduction to the facility manager’s guide which can be made available to you in full upon request of a quote.

Understanding cleaning work will not merely help you avoid unnecessary efforts or trouble where otherwise it might seem that it’s your duty to intervene, but it can also assist you to see the value (or lack thereof) in the services of your cleaning company.

How commercial cleaning work has evolved and how its image hasn’t
There’s somewhat of a paradox involved in the nature of commercial cleaning when we compare its actual technical development to how this service is seen by most people outside the cleaning industry.

During the last few decades, commercial cleaning company Brisbane has evolved enormously in terms of cleaning methods, equipment, machinery and chemicals.

The technical advances are staggering when one compares today’s methods and equipment to only a couple of decades ago.

And within cleaning-related chemicals there’s been a virtual revolution going on in the last decade.

In modern cleaning work, science is very much part of the package. Micro fibres, chemical protection agents for fabrics, knowledge on the nature of dirt and its effects on various textiles and floor surfaces… all these have taken a quantum leap since the olden days.

However, the IMAGE of cleaning work — as seen by those outside the industry — has not really evolved at all. Contact us for a full copy of the facility manager’s guide.