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Professional Cleaning Services Brisbane
Professional Cleaning Services, We specialise in Offices, Shops & Industrial
Within your Quality Assured Contract Cleaning Service, the emphasis is on maintaining the important areas at a high standard, but it occurs at the cost of those little-used or unimportant areas, which cannot be maintained equally if we are to keep within your budget for professional cleaning services brisbane.


These areas are to be cleaned most often and with the most in-depth cleaning methods, allocating sufficient hours for these spaces so that they’re kept as presentable as possible within the frame of the cleaning contract.

Area defined by its use, location & approx. size


Cleaning method described in detail, including all actions

Approximation of end result / quality level of cleaning described


These areas are to be cleaned at the normal industry standard, using effective methods and allocating time so reasonably even cleanliness can be maintained throughout the week.


These areas are to be cleaned the least number of times monthly and with least time allocated per service.

Checking cleaning quality without the Checklist

Sometimes you simply don’t have the time to use the Checklist for Monitoring the Cleaning Work for checking the cleaning.

When evaluating the cleaning without the checklist, you should stick to top-priority areas only as those will be easiest to check and you can expect a high standard of cleanliness.

Take into consideration the age of materials — for instance a linoleum floor that hasn’t been deep cleaned and re-waxed for a while will appear shabby regardless of how well it has been cleaned and buffed… so it cannot be maintained well unless the needed basic surface maintenance is done first.

We aim at a level of perfection which, while not absolute, will provide your company with the highest quality of professional cleaning services brisbane you’ve ever experienced.