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How the money back guarantee works
The way things are today, not many customers TRUST their cleaning contractors brisbane company at all because complaints are handled so badly.

We give you the power because we want to show you can trust us from the onset.

If you are not satisfied with the cleaning service for any reason please contact us immediately and we will charge you absolutely nothing for it!

Obviously you’ve NOT been satisfied with previouscleaning contractors Brisbaneor else you would not have changed cleaners. We respect that and want to earn your trust this time.

Be that as it may, we ask that you always consider the subject of complaint on its own merits alone, leaving aside any emotional charge which may accompany it due to past upsets with other cleaning companies OR even with us.

We do work with you to make the priority classification understood by everyone in your organisation. Your work with staff members during the first months will be crucial for them to learn HOW to evaluate this new form of cleaning service too.

We are only explaining these things here just so we can agree on the need for considering any complaints carefully, especially during those first months of the service, in order to strengthen our mutual trust whose foundations are laid by the Quality Guarantee.

The better we can make these first months work for both of us, the deeper the mutual trust and the more promising a cleaning solution we can provide your company long-term.

The Quality Guarantee means what it says and it truly gives you the power to rule over your Quality Assured Contract Cleaning Service. It is there to ensure that no barriers are left in your way to obtain the best out of the service.

All we ask is that you use your power with consideration to the rules of Quality Guarantee and the initial first few months until the system runs smoothly.