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Commercial Cleaning Services Brisbane
Priority classification of different areas within your premises
In the Work Order attached to your commercial cleaning services brisbane, each space is given one of three priority codes.

TOP PRIORITY AREAS are areas whose importance to you is highest as defined by you before we drafted the quote in our initial site assessment and the final contract. These areas are to be maintained at the highest standard of cleanliness as continually as possible within the weekly cleaning times.

Here, we will use our best methods and equipment, high-quality cleaning chemicals and sufficient time allotted to the cleaning work.

These are the “no effort spared” areas which need to be presentable at all times or as much of the week as possible if the cleaning hasn’t been allocated to be done daily in the contract. These areas do vary from one customer to another.

The top-priority should present a standard of cleanliness higher than thecommercial cleaning services brisbane industry average, resulting in top cleanliness at each cleaning and never falling below acceptable standards during the working week, provided sufficiently frequent cleaning times are allocated for in the contract.

NORMAL PRIORITY AREAS are areas whose cleaning is to be the standard industry average, usually applied to normal working areas within the site, as specified by you.

This work is performed with lower frequency and with lesser degree of in-depth cleaning each time as compared to Top Priority spaces but at a good standard.

LOW PRIORITY AREAS are areas which are used seldom or hidden out of view and/or whose surface materials make continuous in-depth cleaning impractical.

These are the areas which you’ve chosen to be left with only bare minimum cleaning in order to economise in the cleaning budget and allocate more service time for maintaining the areas which are more important to you in terms of presentation.