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What we do to minimise causing complaints
Unlike other cleaning companies in brisbaneWe see the subject of customer-satisfaction as the key point for long-term cooperation.

We want you to be satisfied with our cleaning service. We also understand that we must work hard to ensure you can be satisfied with what you receive for your money.

This is why it’s such an important issue and I hope you’ll forgive us for going on about it here so much.A space cleaned to perfection doesn’t necessarily evoke satisfaction in someone on your premises… and a space NOT cleaned to perfection likewise won’t automatically lead to a feeling of dissatisfaction either.

The “feeling part” of satisfaction is the one that causes both you and us all the unnecessary work.

Obviously, if the complaint is based on an omission in the cleaning, feelings don’t enter into it.

While it’s great to receive feedback powered by strong positive emotions,

Keeping the evaluation of cleaning based on facts we can avoid ANY strong feelings, which basically means we can create genuine satisfaction and minimise upsets.

We control those facts by doing a good job.

Again, NONE of this is here to explain AWAY any omissions or mistakes in OUR cleaning.

We are merely explaining why people can sometimes be quite negative about cleaning companies in brisbane if they don’t know the standards by which to evaluate the cleaning.

Naturally there are also valid reasons for complaining about the cleaning. If we don’t clean areas as agreed, if we leave something undone by mistake, and things like that.

Of course we are responsible for those and will correct any such omissions without arguments.

Our goal is to minimise complaints in THREE ways.

  • Doing a good job of cleaning & monitoring our work ourselves
  • Informing your personnel about commercial cleaning standards through monthly customer-satisfaction surveys
  • Training our cleaning crews in customer service attitude