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Cleaning Companies Brisbane
Cleaning Companies Brisbane
We believe in cleaning companies brisbane working with their prospects from the onset so they map out the needs and wishes of each individual customer BEFORE calculating the quote.

And not only that but the nature of contract cleaning needs to be developed.

Today, the end result of cleaning is a kind of “nothingness” in which the end result is partly (or mainly) the LACK of anything to see.

In order to give our customers a chance of being able to evaluate the results of cleaning we need to rearrange the structure of contract cleaning anew.

Prioritising of cleaning areas within your premises
Knowing how little change there is from one cleaning day to another, remembering that cleaning vast areas is hard to do to a 100% perfection, AND taking into account the fact that your premises are used by employees whose actions and attitudes also affect the continuity of cleanliness…

…well, we arrive at an impossible equation.

The problem with evaluating cleaning is that the areas within the premises have not been prioritised.

That’s to say, there’s no direct division between the different spaces so as to signify which ones are important, which have normal priority and which are of low importance in terms of presentation.

It doesn’t work because the COST of cleaning every area in-depth and at high frequency would be quite prohibitive.

Thus, contract cleaning companies brisbane who assigned everything uniform importance spells trouble.

It means nothing gets cleaned properly — or that everything is cleaned equally poorly.

It further means that your inspection would be unlikely to cover anything significantly good because everything was cleaned at a mediocre standard since what you buy is simply spread TOO THINLY overall.

Instead of uniform importance, why not assign a different level of importance to the various spaces within your premises? We can show you how it can make your life so much easier