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Brisbane Cleaning
How to get the best out of your cleaning service
These are the most important factors in ensuring your Quality Assured Contract Cleaning Service goes well.
  • GO THROUGH OUR MUTUAL GOALS: Let us know if there’s something there you cannot agree with or if you want to modify or add something to our mutual goals.
  • EVALUATE COMPLAINTS COMING FROM STAFF FOR VALIDITY: Especially during the first few months, check that any complaints coming from the personnel are based on the correct facts and the contracted quality levels within the three-tier priority classification of the cleaning work.
  • ALLOW FOR AN INTERIM PERIOD OF ADJUSTMENT: For the first few weeks and months, remember that we need to adjust our brisbane cleaning service, train our crews and learn by way of trial and error to maintain your premises until it all flows well. We ask for some tolerance and patience during this time.
  • USE YOUR POWER WISELY: The Quality Guarantee gives you an almost limitless power to rule over your Quality Assured brisbane cleaning service but remember that with power comes responsibility. Use your power wisely and with consideration to all facts in each case.
  • CHECK ON THE CLEANING AND GIVE US FAST FEEDBACK: Use the tool for checking that we’ve done what you’ve contracted us to do. Give us feedback both for the good and the bad, and do so as soon as you notice whatever you feel you want to communicate about. This way we can use the information to correct any mistake or strengthen any plus points in our services.
  • WORK WITH US TO DELETE EMOTION FROM COMPLAINTS: The complaints process works at its best when there’s as little emotion relayed as possible. Do your best to omit emotion from complaints and please inform me personally if anyone in our crew manifests negative emotions. This way we can optimise the results in handling any complaints to your full satisfaction.