Zoom Services is a QLD owned business with its offices located in Brisbane, specialising in Total Facility Maintenance. Their cleaning approach is different to most other cleaners. Their commitment to chemical free, microfibre based cleaning technologies offers many benefits for their clients. They offer a complete Brisbane Cleaning Service with environmentally sensitive, chemical free cleaning, documented quality standards and a 100% money back guarantee. Also, they maintain a system of quality system checks to ensure the thoroughness and completeness of every service.

With the a zeal to provide 360 degree cleaning service to clients, Zoom Services now offers in-depth commercial cleaning services in Brisbane. The company holds extreme expertise in a host of cleaning services in Brisbane that pleases customers and propels them for having a long-term relationship with the company. Zoom Services is the best commercial cleaning company in Brisbane for both part-time as well as on full-time basis.

They strive to create a positive two side relationship which will help to maintain long-term relationship with the clients. Their transparency policies help clients to openly address their problems and issues. Every single client is important for them and they ensure that their clients get impeccable service which is unmatched in the industry. In order to know what clients opine for their service, the company has Executive Weekly Cleaning Evaluation Form where the clients of Zoom Services have to evaluate their cleaning service and put their views.

Talking more about the office cleaning services of the company, one of their representatives stated, “The aim of our Quality Assured Contract Cleaning Service is to take it all back to square one, and go back to the good “old-fashioned” values of cleaning work where the emphasis is on doing what is needed to produce continuousness of cleanliness at the standard desired by the customer for cleaning services Brisbane. And it’s also to do this WHILE saving the customer’s costs by regulating the frequency and quality of depth of cleaning depth based on the prioritisation decided by the customer.”