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What facility managers wants of cleaning quotes

Almost half of all the facility managers interviewed felt that cleaning quotes should be clearer and easier to understand.

Office cleaners brisbane companies should neither hide behind various technical terms nor leave their quotes vague in terms of what’s to be delivered.

Overall, facility managers believe that cleaning quotes should contain more information on the service offered, not only in terms of the work included but also on the part of the SOLUTION itself, meaning the END RESULTS that their work produces.

That’s to say, customers felt quite strongly that Office cleaners brisbane companies bidding for the job should define the quality of cleaning for each area and give some indication as to the continuity of cleanliness in that space overall throughout the week.

In fact, a whopping eight out of ten facility managers replied that the continuous level of cleanliness is NOT EXPLAINED AT ALL in the quotes they receive from cleaning companies.

Other pertinent points of the survey:

In our surveys, other issues also surfaced as concerns or wishes of facility managers.

One was reasonable pricing. Indeed it is very reasonable to expect value for your money.

As said, the price in itself tells you nothing but the quote (and the subsequent work) should DELIVER what you expect.

Another point was the wish expressed by facility managers that the Office cleaners brisbane company should avoid changing cleaners too often. This is also quite understandable and, if I may say so, make-sense for the cleaning company also.

Of course, this also requires that the cleaning company pays a reasonable salary and rewards its crew members when the customer is satisfied.

Supervision is another important point as it ensures that cleaners do what they should and thus they won’t get the urge to “flee” their job!

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