Rules of good conduct


Here are the rules of good conduct which we need to apply in delivering our office cleaning services brisbane to customers.

General attitude — being as positive as we can

Our professionalism includes a high level of skill in making customers FEEL GOOD about our cleaning and about us. And one of the most important rules in this is to BE POSITIVE when we are on the site.

Service attitude — show that we care

The simplest way of defining service attitude is to say that anyone who really CARES about his or her customers and shows this openly, will be experienced as having excellent service attitude.

The OPPOSITE of good service attitude would be to say or think “I don’t know and I don’t care” about our work and any requests or questions of customers.

Good manners — being polite and willing

Customers love to see us show willingness to accommodate their wishes. Sometimes their wishes aren’t justified (not in the contract) but we still accommodate them because it’s such a small thing.

But even if you are asking for something we can’t (or won’t) deliver as per the contract, please get in contact with your area manager or Customer Representative to discuss the issue.

We know this works best with customers and it will also make them begin RETURNING friendliness.

Customer care — we don’t disagree with customers or make them wrong, we try and understand what the real issues are and resolve them in a professional and business like manner.

The satisfaction of your personnel toward the office cleaning services brisbaneis regularly measured and corrections are suggested if dissatisfaction is found and we also pay our cleaners a customer – satisfaction bonus that they receive only if you are totally satisfied with their work.