Other pertinent points of the survey:

In our surveys, other issues also surfaced as concerns or wishes of facility managers.

One was reasonable pricing. offcourse it is very reasonable to expect value for your money for your office cleaning service especially these days where companies are trying to increase their bottom line by cutting costs.

As said, the price in itself tells you nothing but the quote (and the subsequent work) should DELIVER what you expect.

Another point was the wish expressed by facility managers that the Office cleaners brisbane company should avoid changing Office Cleaning Companies too often. This is also quite understandable and, if I may say so, make-sense for the cleaning company also. its one of the most complained about issues when it comes to office cleaners brisbane

Of course, this also requires that the cleaning company pays a reasonable salary and rewards its crew members when the customer is satisfied on an ongoing basis

Supervision is another important point as it ensures that Brisbane Office cleaners do what they should and thus they won’t get the urge to “flee” their job!

Feel free to let me know if you would like a  full copy of the Survey.

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