So, if you’re not satisfied with the cleaning of your cleaning companies brisbane, demand improvements and don’t settle for any substitutes for those positive changes.

If your current commercial cleaning companies brisbane can’t or won’t deliver then the way to obtain those improvements is to change cleaners and give the new bidders written instructions on what you want. Just remember to demand that they include them into their quotes AND contracts!

Personally I believe that it’s possible to do SOMETHING to improve the quality of commercial cleaning companies Brisbane simply by reallocating service hours through prioritizing areas within your office premises. And it’s always possible to be more effective, fill the service hours with a bit more work and look for other items that need doing such as skirting boards, ledges or even squeegee cleaning internal glass , marks on walls etc, so many things to do!

But it maybe that your cleaning company has given an extremely tight quote and thus there’s no way they could increase their service without getting any more money.