once you have found out what the guarantee is and how it works, obtained certificates of currencies for their insurance policies, police clearance on their staff etc. you might think that you have done all your due diligence but think again!
Most businesses are dissatisfied with their current cleaners and they change companies often as they don’t usually meet their expectations when it comes to service delivery. disappointment after disappointment… before you put a new brisbane cleaning service company, be sure to set your expectations up front and what it is that you want to achieve from their service, including the level of quality desired in each of your areas ( see more about site classification on our website)
here is the number one tip when comparing quotes: don’t just base it on price, its easy to submit a low quote and not be able to allocate sufficient hours spent on site and therefore create all those headaches for yourself again…. and here it is: make sure you obtain references as in a list of some of their existing customers, with business name, contact number and person. do your due diligence and make the call, ask them about this Brisbane cleaning company… do they turn up? do they do a great job? if there is a problem are they there to fix it, what’s their customer service like etc.