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The first to demand from your cleaning company

Is that they act independently in bearing the responsibility for their job and workers on your premises.

Make it THEIR headache to find the things that their crews leave undone.

Make it known to them that you won’t keep on a commercial cleaning in Brisbane company whose crews YOU need to “watch and catch.”

If your current commercial cleaning in Brisbane company has given you the run-around with this then make it known that they’re on notice and that you won’t take it any longer.

The unfortunate fact is that if someone doesn’t do their work then they won’t be able to do it in the future either. But not always, of course. Discuss it with them, lay down the law and set the rules… and give them a few weeks to get it under control.

Don’t accept explanations. Demand actual and real improvements that can be perceived in lessening of complaints.

Demand continuity of cleanliness

The essence of good commercial cleaning in Brisbane service is that it MAINTAINS an acceptable level of cleanliness within your premises in those spaces that are important to your business activity.

This is a complex matter, of course, in which there are several variables.

For one, is your cleaning company able and willing to rethink their cleaning so that they categorize the areas anew, assigning top priority to those spaces that are most vital.

They may not want to go into the trouble of rearranging their service. Or they might not have the expertise required to do so.

Another point is whether the cleaning contract includes a sufficient number of service hours so that it is actually POSSIBLE to re-prioritize the cleaning by dividing the site into categories based on the importance of each to you.

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