Minimizing the upset caused by having to complain


We conduct monthly customer-satisfaction surveys with everyone in your organization who has a DESK on the premises. This is because the surveys are done in writing, leaving a questionnaire on each desk once a month.

Obviously this can only be done with your permission, but we hope you will agree to this as it is an important part of minimizing unnecessary complaints.

Within these questionnaires, we teach your staff members to evaluate the cleaning in a discreet manner, merely asking them to look at various areas and aspects of cleaning so they give their feedback on whether these are cleaned to their satisfaction.

If there has been an omission (as per what we’ve been contracted to do) then we shall correct it forthwith.

In addition to the standard actions for minimizing reasons for complaining, we also aim to minimize the emotional stress caused for you by having to complain. This is done through our Quality Guarantee and our policy to accept YOUR word for complaints, so that you never have to argue about complaints or justify your decision for them.


We understand that any grievance we cause to you and/or your organisation weighs against us on the scales when you occasionally re-evaluate whether or not you want to continue using our contract cleaning services.

We believe ourselves to have an exceptional willingness to accommodate you as the customer in order to make ourcleaning services in brisbane workable and pleasant so you would continue using our cleaning company.

In this spirit of openness, willingness and genuine intention to serve you, we hope you will feel free to communicate ANY considerations you have in regards to the cleaning.

And we hope you will find it within you to come forth with it as soon as possible so that we can correct, improve, and adjust ourcleaning services in brisbane to suit your wishes and needs.