Zoom Services is a QLD owned business with its offices located in Brisbane, specialising in Total Facility Maintenance. Their cleaning approach is different to most other cleaners. Their commitment to chemical free, microfibre based cleaning technologies offers many benefits for their clients. They offer a complete Brisbane Cleaning Service with environmentally sensitive, chemical free cleaning, documented quality standards and a 100% money back guarantee. Also, they maintain a system of quality system checks to ensure the thoroughness and completeness of every service.

With the guaranteed quality work, Zoom Services now offers exceptional and chemical free commercial cleaning services in Brisbane. It will be really beneficial for the customers, as they also provide a complete range of consumables for washroom, office, and kitchen facilities. When it comes to outsourcing the cleaning services whether it’s on a full time or part time basis, they have everything that one needs.

The company’s aim is to build strong and long term customer relationships while ensuring an incomparable service. In order to create a working atmosphere, it is very essential for both the parties to cooperate with each other. Now, the customers can even get free corporate washroom hygiene solutions. They also deliver and service Sani-bins, Foam Soap Dispensers, air fresheners and others. All of these quality services set them apart from anywhere else and brings them in the top listing commercial cleaning company in Brisbane.

Get the assurances for receiving top-notch cleaning services in Brisbane only from Zoon Services as they are committed to non-chemical cleaning solutions. Apart from this, a spokesperson from Zoom Services mentions, “We have triple security checked staff that diligently follow our documented standards for thoroughness and completeness of cleaning. We thoroughly train our staff to ensure high standards of presentation and communication. Zoom Services is the Brisbane home of Quality Assured Cleaning Services. We clean offices, licensed premises, clubs, training and educational facilities.”