Our overall goal with our customers

Our overall goal is to create a long-term working relationship with you, the customer.

We’re not going for half measures. We don’t aim for short-term contracts.

Instead, we invest a lot of time, careful planning, training, resources and attention to each new cleaning service brisbane customer, doing our best to lay solid foundations for a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

We understand fully that we have to EARN your trust. We recognize the fact that, at this point in time, you may find it hard being confident about the promises of ANY cleaning company.

If that’s the case and you’ve been let down by previous cleaning service brisbane companies, then I’d like to apologise for that on the behalf of the whole cleaning industry. It’s not right and your trust should not have been misused.

In contrast to many cleaning companies, we DO aim at doing things right and fulfilling your expectations.

However, we need to be realistic in both our expectations as to the first few weeks and months.

On our side, we must work hard to map out all your requirements for the service as well as find out the technical requirements of surface materials and spaces within your premises.

We will have to train our cleaning crews for your premises, locate every nook and cranny that provides a technical challenge for the cleaning, plan the maintenance of surface materials and groove in the crew.

In return for your patience, we hope to create circumstances in which you’ll save a lot of time in your work as the facility manager, obtaining the security of knowing the cleaning is fully in your control and running smoothly, so you’ll never have to change cleaners again.

Please contact us today for a free sight assessment and  sample categorization of your premises.