Handling or relaying complaints concerning the cleaning work

In order to make our cooperation work as smoothly as possible, complaints should be handled or relayed as fast as possible.

We consider YOUR complaints regarding brisbane cleaning services as professional ones but we hope you could work with us in evaluating any complaint originating from the staff before forwarding it, just to see if it is based on facts in the contract (and the spirit of our cooperation) or not.

Bear with me and I’ll explain. But let’s take the procedure of forwarding your own complaints first.

We see complaints originated by YOU as professional corrections and different from those coming from your personnel.

Here, the procedure is very direct.

If you see an omission in the brisbane cleaning services or unwanted behaviour / lack of service attitude in our cleaning crews, please act immediately.

We don’t use the information to punish anyone.

We need it in order to correct the cause of the problem so this same mistake won’t happen again… or so the likelihood of it recurring will be minimised.

So, whenever you see cause for a complaint, contact our office immediately.

Please do so by using the Complaint Form to fax us your own complaints as soon as possible. By making it a top priority you will help us to take immediate steps to…

– correct the mistake immediately and when it’s still in existence, and…

– evaluate the cause of it so we create a plan to change and improve whatever caused it…

– implement the solution —  train the cleaner, change our  cleaning, or streamline our communication procedure — so  that the problem won’t be recurring constantly.

In other words, we USE the information in every mistake and complaint for improving our system so that hopefully the same mistake won’t be made ever again.

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